Things To Do In Jaisalmer

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Camel Safari

One of the most unforgettable and enchanting experiences you can have in Jaisalmer is to ride through the rippling, windswept desert on camelback and camp out under the stars. Taking a camel safari will also give you the opportunity to witness the rustic, rural desert life of India. While the desert can be barren, it’s also surprisingly well populated.


It’s time to head out for an incredible camel safari in thar desert and explore its beauty. Witness the beauty of this region. Enjoy a bumpy camel ride in the sand dune and then sit back and relax with a glorious sunset.

Starting from the camp/camel point, you can enjoy your camel ride with beautiful sunset.

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience.


Your journey in desert starts with the departure from Jaisalmer/camp by jeep around afternoon to the camel point.

Starting from the camel point, you can enjoy an afternoon camel ride to isolated sand dunes, visiting some Dhanis (small villages) on the way.

While riding on your camel you can experience the beautiful sunset. After sunset we return to Jaisalmer/camp by jeep.


Get a chance to discover the rural India and visit the farmland, traditional villages as well. Also, witness the vivid wildlife of this region and spot a few parrots and antelope on your way to the desert. Your journey starts from Jaisalmer/camp early in the morning around 8:00 am with a jeep drive to the camel. Visit desert & some Dhanis (small villages), lunch under tree & camel ride till sunset, after sunset you will arrive at the dunes for chai/tea/coffee and can watch your tasty dinner being freshly prepared for you over the camp fire. back to jaisalmer/camp by jeep.

Sleep In Desert


Have you ever slept right ON a sand dune?

No toilets, no tents, no light, no air-conditioning.

Just a million stars forming a twinkling ceiling over your head, and the cool sand forming the softest carpet for your bare feet and the cool desert breeze wrapping you around in a cozy blanket.

Well you can, and it was an experience that superseded the comforts and predictability of any 5 star hotel.

So just complete your bucket list and spend a whole night or an evening in the Thar Desert at Jaisalmer and enjoy pure Rajasthani food at a desert under the clear sky of Jaisalmer’s desert.

Just step away from city life for a day and understand the real desert life with us.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safari isn’t a traditional desert tour but since 2005 it has become as popular as camel safari. Here you can ride on 4×4 jeep till the sunset point and the experience of driving on sand dunes in fantastic. Start the experience on a Jeep Safari with 3-4 more tourist passengers. It is definitely a desert adrenaline rush as the time the driver accelerates power driving in the Thar Desert like a drunken man, and then descends on the sideways. The driver will do this for quite a while, so get hold of your seats, literally, while at it. It is all fun and all even if it gets too one mighty tough ride; there will always be uncontrollable laughter going on around that will last the whole trip as well as churning stomach and jolted intestines from being asleep. When the Jeep stops, it is time to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the desert which has not a lot of tourists in it. Tourists can walk and run on the sand, or even slide on the elevated slopes for more adventurous thrill.

Parasailing in Desert

Parasailing helps you to watch the world from a different point of view. Join us for 15 minutes parasailing activity at Jaisalmer and feel the thrill and fun of this exceptional activity. Parasail across the beautiful desert and get your adrenaline pumped across your veins. We provide you expert training on parasailing to make your experience a comfortable one. You will have to follow the safety instructions from our expert trainer. You can enjoy this fun filled activity alone or you can bring your family and friends along to have a fabulous time. Be a part of this activity and explore the limitless adventures of the universe. Dare to fly high Then go for aero sports with the sky as your playground. Get over the fear of height, try Parasailing. Parasailing is a sport that is a blend of skydiving. Parasailing and Paragliding are quite similar to each other with the only difference that Parasailing is conducted on a open ground with a parachute tied to a Jeep. Whereas in case of paragliding, gentle hill sides are usually the launch sites for the performer.

Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort also goes by the name Sonar Quila (Golden Fort) as it rises from the desert itself and seems to become one with the golden hues of the sand. The setting sun adds its own magic and shrouds the fort with mystique. The fort is constructed in the classic style of the royals by local craftsmen. This fort is a world heritage site and forms an important plot point in one of Satyajit Ray’s famous Feluda stories and corresponding movie, Sonar Kela (The Golden Fortress).

Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli is located in the main city. It was built by a famous trader named Guman Chand and his sons. This massive five-storied construction has five intricately decorated huge suites. The large corridors and the decorated walls are excellent representations of the art form that prevailed. a few paintings and mirror work art can still be seen on the inside walls.

Gadisar Lake

Gadisar Lake is located a kilometer away from the fort. It was constructed by the first ruler of the land, Raja Rawal Jaisal and later reconstructed by Maharawal Garsi in the year 1367 AD. The people of the desert city depended on this tank for their water needs. You will find temples, Holy shrines and Chattris around the banks of this lake. The artistically carved entrance made of yellow sandstone offers breathtaking view.

Bada Bagh

Bada Bagh means ‘Huge Garden’. Maharawal Jait Singh’s period saw its construction, which was in the beginning of 16th century. His son Lunakaran completed the construction after the death of his father. The garden served as a memorial where the nobles and their families were cremated. The garden offers a stunning view. The place is isolated. If you visit the place during sunrise and sunset, you are guaranteed of beautiful moments, which you cannot avoid clicking.

Kuldhara (Haunted Village)

The underlying history of Kuldhara has piqued the curiosity of one visitor too many, and makes it one of the most enigmatic destinations to visit in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The story has a beautiful daughter, an unscrupulous minister, scared villagers, an exodus in the middle of the night, and no idea where the villagers vanished. This is not the story of a movie, but the unfathomable legend that lies behind the abandoned village of Kuldhara. Located about 18 km from the city of Jaisalmer is this old town that was abandoned by its villagers in the 1800s. It was like the entire town vanished in the course of a single night. With about 85 villages full of people, it remains a mystery as to how no one saw them leave; in fact, even to this date, no one knows where all of them went either. The village remains uninhabited to the day, in the same state that the villagers had left it, hundreds of years ago. The location has become a major tourist destination as people from all over the world travel here to revel in the mysteries of the past. The desolate outline of Kuldhara etches a story in front of your eyes, if you are keen enough to read it!