In a nutshell: We equals accommodation, experiences and culture in the heart of dunes.

But let’s take it one step at a time. We know this —like the Thar Desert—might be a little overwhelming. Let’s take a closer look at our services:

Shiv Tara Desert Camp

Experience the magic of Desert around the clock. Take the desert sunrises and sunsets to the next level by sleeping in a luxury bivouac:


We have 25 Premium Tents and 10 Huts, carefully designed to merge with the desert. All of them are fully equipped to make the most out of your visit to the Thar Desert: comfortable beds, a private bathroom and an enveloping silence, perfect for some quiet pondering.

We have four types of tents.
Which one suites you better?

Desert Hut

Stay in our desert hut will make you feel like a home away from home. These huts are built with the combination of protected wall and canvas tent along with yellow sand stone bed (also knows as desert bed). These huts are none less than a hotel’s room along with luxury tent feeling. Each hut is equipped with a hot and cold water, private WC, toiletries, towel and bed clothing.

Desert Tent

Unique desert tents placed in Shiv Tara Desert Camp. They are premium tents, typical nomadic tents made of organic canvas and handmade by local artisans of Marwars. perfect for couples and small families who want to stay together. Each tent equipped with a hot water, private WC, toiletries, towels and bed clothing. 

Desert Royale Hut

These are king-sized huts These tents are like a small home in itself. Our Desert Royale Huts are well-equipped with all amenities including room temperature. and they are perfect for honeymoon or dating couples.  All our desert royale huts have nice furniture, cozy beddings, and an attached western toilet and bathroom.

Desert Regale Tent

We are famous for our accommodation style. People come here just to experience the stay in luxury Swiss tents. Our Desert Regale Tents are very spacious and the bedding is very comfortable. All these tents have an attached western toilet and bathroom. These Desert Regale tents are perfect who looking for memorable experiences. Our desert camp permits you to enjoy the marvelous views of dunes far away from hustle and bustle. 

You don’t know how to arrive?

Please contact us in advance.

IMPORTANT: Please on the arrival day call us in the morning when you leave from your hotel so we can be in touch all the time! Kindly call us again before you start your journey for sam sand dunes.

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Yes! The nearest airport is at Jaisalmer (JSA) Airport. There are regular flights from Jaipur & Delhi.

Transfer from Jaisalmer airport to Shiv Tara Desert Camp (60 minutes) can be provided car each way with additional cost.

Yes! The nearest railway station is at Jaisalmer (JSM) Railway Station. There are regular train from delhi, Mumbai, howrah, Jaipur & Jodhpur.

Transfer from Jaisalmer Railway Station to Shiv Tara Desert Camp (45 minutes) can be provided car each way with additional cost.

Yes! The nearest bus station is at Jaisalmer bus stand. There are regular bus from delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar & Jodhpur.

Transfer from Jaisalmer Bus Stand to Shiv Tara Desert Camp (45 minutes) can be provided car each way with additional cost.

If a car comes in front of you it costs nothing to give way.

Beware of cyclists and pedestrians at night as they go without light and are difficult to see.

Safety belt required for all passengers.