Camel Excursion is around 15 – 20 minutes from camp/camel point to sunset point. The time is not fixed because we have some guests that only want a short trip.

Even if your tour may be private, you can be grouped together for the camel excursion with other guests in Shiv Tara Desert Camp. If you really want to do the camel trek alone let us know in advance so we can arrange it accordingly with some extra amount.

We offer our favorite itineraries in the website, if you don’t find one that suits your trip contact  and we will find a suitable transportation for you.

Shared And Private Tours Differences

Few experiences in the world can replicate the inspirational nature of a night spent in the Sam Sand Dunes, not to mention the sight of a setting sun as it reflects beautifully on the sand dunes of thar desert. You absolutely need to see this mysterious place with your own eyes to appreciate it and to know how it feels exchanging chaotic for a hidden gem in the desert. But then there is also more to consider; for example, should you choose an affordable shared option or a private tour to thar desert. Truth is, both private and shared tours most certainly have their advantages and either way, you will witness this stunning part of the world but it’s still worth knowing the difference between the two before you book; here is a brief run down to help you organize an unforgettable experience.

Taking a shared tour from Jaisalmer to Sam Sand Dunes allows travel agents around the city to combine groups and individuals (4-15 persons) in order to share costs and this undoubtedly makes it the most affordable way to reach Sam Sand Dunes. 

Having met your tour driver, a private tour will pick up you in Jaisalmer with the aim of arriving in Sam Sand Dunes but enjoying the trip. With this in mind, and your comfort of course, a private tour will also avoid any unnecessary stops in the route and with the assistance of your guide, this allows you to stop for the sights and lunch at any time, and for as long as you please. Yes, the itinerary is all yours and with an experienced driver on hand you can be sure of an enjoyable, stress-free ride and a lot more time to enjoy Sam Sand Dunes.

Conclusion: We offer these private tours for good reason and we know exactly why a private tour is the hassle-free and more enjoyable way to visit Sam Sand Dunes. Departing jaisalmer without any delays, being flexible with the timetable and visiting the sights. We fully realize that your journey to be here is just as important as the destination itself and in this sense, the value of a private tour will always far outweigh any monetary cost place on it.

How To Arrive By Myself

Please contact us in advance.

IMPORTANT: Please on the arrival day call us in the morning when you leave from your hotel so we can be in touch all the time! Kindly call us again before you start your journey for sam sand dunes.

​You can also tag us on google map.

Yes! The nearest airport is at Jaisalmer (JSA) Airport. There are regular flights from Jaipur & Delhi.

Transfer from Jaisalmer airport to Shiv Tara Desert Camp (60 minutes) can be provided car each way with additional cost.

Yes! The nearest railway station is at Jaisalmer (JSM) Railway Station. There are regular train from delhi, Mumbai, howrah, Jaipur & Jodhpur.

Transfer from Jaisalmer Railway Station to Shiv Tara Desert Camp (45 minutes) can be provided car each way with additional cost.

Yes! The nearest bus station is at Jaisalmer bus stand. There are regular bus from delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Vadodara, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar & Jodhpur.

Transfer from Jaisalmer Bus Stand to Shiv Tara Desert Camp (45 minutes) can be provided car each way with additional cost.

If a car comes in front of you it costs nothing to give way.

Beware of cyclists and pedestrians at night as they go without light and are difficult to see.

Safety belt required for all passengers.

Time And Weather

Yes specially in winter is cold. On winter time you will require winter jacket and winter pyjama.

​From may to August is very hot at the desert, we recommend to bring fresh cloths with organic fabrics, sun cream, sunglasses and cap/hat. 

On winter (Nov-December-Jan-Feb) during the night, the desert can become very cold, we advise that all clients should bring: Some warm clothes, warm jumper, jacket, winter pyjama & scarf. 

It is important to remember that the differences in temperature between day and night in the desert are extreme. So, bring warm clothes for the night and cooler clothes for the day.

Boots or sensible walking shoes are also recommended.

A torch will be useful.

Travel With Kids Guide

We usually get this question very often: should we take the kids or not?

​First of all, we want to make clear that you are coming from Jaisalmer, it will be a journey (40-60 minutes road trip).

If your kids are not used to spending long periods of time in a car, this is going to be difficult for them. If you’re considering a desert visit, you MUST take this into consideration. If you’re unsure how they will do, must book a private tour, because you will be able to stop when you require.

It will be better then to book a private tour, that will allow you to stop as frequently as needed and will not put others on edge.

​This can be an amazing experience for kid.

Usually the arrival time in Sam Sand Dunes is at sunset, then while having dinner we usually provide traditional food. Take into consideration that kids may not be used to Traditional food and if they don’t like it much, there are very limited options on site. We advise to bring some food with you. Baby highchair is not available.

​Remember that weather at the desert is very severe, from a possible sand storm, to normal temperatures during the day and very cold during the night. The kids buggy will not slide in the sand.

​From past experiences, even though 9 months babies visited us, we recommend at least kids to be 2 or 3 years old.

About Shiv Tara Desert Camp

Our head chef prepares a set breakfast and dinner menu (pure vegetarian). Please check your reservation to ensure if your rate includes dinner or not. If half board is not included. Usually, Kindly note that there are no restaurants or bars nearby so there is no other meal options around. If you have any dietary preferences i.e. allergies, jain, or vegan etc. please inform us in advance of your arrival.

All tents have their own bathroom with hot and cold water and toilets. Towels, linen, and toiletries are provided. Please note that drinks, lunch, tips and travel insurance are not included.

Onsite there is signal in the middle of the desert! So we accept cash/card payment in Indian Rupee or other international currencies. In advance, you can pay by Paypal, Credit or Debit card or bank transfer via a secure system based in India.

check-in starts from 1500 HRS. we’ll try to provide a room at the time of your arrival but it’s based on subject of availability, but we recommended to arrive at the time of check in, as whole activates in desert will start from 1700 HRS


Guests can check-in between 1500 HRS and 2300 HRS. Check-out time is 1000 HRS, but we are very flexible if we have availability! Please inform us in advance if you require a late check-out or any other preferences.

Booking is not confirmed until the payment has been successful. Booking is refundable before 7 days of your arrival. Full charge will be applied when doing the booking. Because each booking requires a lot of logistics to bring you into the desert, in the event of cancellation or not showing, the full amount will be still charged. If you let us know 7 days in advance we will issue total amount, kindly also check your reservation voucher for cancellation policies. 

Please read all our terms and conditions


No, Due to some restriction and limitation in desert,  we can’t provide you WiFi. you able to get 4G signal, and trust me! you even don’t need here. 

Yes! Sockets are available in the room, lounge and restaurant areas.

Yes! Let us know your desired itinerary and we can quote you a private driver with car. We also can organise itineraries and book hotels with whom we collaborate.

Shiv Tara Desert Camp closes from May till Aug because of the extreme sun, around 50 degrees Celcius and risk of sun stroke in the middle of the dunes … We are opened from September until April!!! We don’t recommend heading inside the desert in summer. Most of the luxury camps are closed because we cannot guarantee a comfortable and safe stay, specially with kids or old people. In June, we recommend only stepping into the the desert once the sun is going down.

Telephone & Whatsapp: +91(964)936-4062

Because many people come with family /friends/ all the rooms based on kind size bed & we can provide and extra mattress.

In Shiv Tara Desert Camp we have a camel as part of our welcome team 🙂

If you have any animal allergy please keep that in mind and bring the medicines accordingly.

If you have dust allergy also keep in mind that you will be surounded by dust and sand so maybe desert is not the best place to stay.

If you have food allergies also is not possible to guarantee a different menu from the set menu of the day.

Other animals are not allowed at Shiv Tara Desert Camp.

A private tent means that you will have your own tent in the camp. Each tent have a hot / cold water and a toilet inside only for you.

If you want to private the camp only for you, kindly contact us at and we will send you a quote.

Activities At The Shiv Tara Desert Camp

Are you staying one night at Shiv Tara Desert Camp?

You can enjoy some experiences!!

Camel excursion to see the sunset or sunrise.

Time: From 15-20 minutes to one hour depending on your preferences! See more information in the camel trek question.

You can enjoy folk music, kalbelia dance and group dance at every night.

Apart from the one day experiences you also can do one of those activities:

Winter time: Stay at the camp: You can stay the whole day the camp and chill around, read a book and have a walk around the desert! We can prepare a light lunch for you but please let us know in advance so we prepare a menu for you. Be careful at midday, since the temperature can be little high. That’s why we offer this option on winter only.

Jeep Safari: After breakfast at Shiv Tara Desert Camp, the 4×4 adventure begins: our driver will drive some kilometres along the.

We will visit a nomadic family and have tea with them. Then, we will do a visit to desert nearby the desert. Before lunch, we will visit the town of Kuldhara, Khaba, we will go to sam village and enjoy lunch.

Back to Shiv Tara Desert Camp. On arrival at the camp, before the dinner, we will walk to the dunes and watch the sunset.

Please contact us in advance, and we will do a one to one session to make a fantastic program to see the desert and plan different activities for every day.


We have partnerships with parasailing companies in the area, ask us to organise your adventure.

Camel Excursion is around 15-20 minutes for sunset or sunrise, we can also make your plan for half or full day camel excursion. 

Even your tour may be private, you can be grouped together for the camel excursion with other guests in Kaviraj Desert Camp. If you really want to do the camel trek alone let us know in advance so we can arrange it accordingly.

We can organise your plan for jeep safari where you can enjoy memorable ride in the deep desert.

About Jaisalmer

The official language is Marwari!! Hindi, and English are spoken in popular towns with tourists. You can usually find someone who understands enough of your own language to get the information you need. People from desert are very friendly and hospitable, so try saying “Namaste” (Hello) and “Dhanyawaad” (Thank you).

Desert people are known for their warmth, humour, openness and sociability. Your experience will be shaped by the great tradition of hospitality during your encounters with ordinary jaisalmerians, in cosmopolitan cities and remote villages alike.

If you are invited to eat with a family, you will typically sit on the floor and eat from a communal plate, placed in the middle of a small table. Eat with your right hand. Utensils are not used although, as a visitor, you are likely to be offered a fork or spoon. If you are invited to a home you should try to take a small gift such as fruit, nuts or sweet pastries.

Although sam sand dunes is considered more relaxed than many other cities, you still need to be respectful of the culture and traditions of the local people.

In the desert, men and women often dress as they would on the streets of rajasthan region.

Rajasthani cuisine is delicious and offers you traditional dishes such as Daal, bati, churma & ker sangria(dry vegetable of desert),& besan gatta is a popular in the street side cafes and masala tea awaits you wherever you go.

We do not recommend that you drink tap water. Excellent bottled mineral water is available everywhere.

Although we are talking about a traditional city, alcohol is available but respect has to be shown by not overdoing it or making a big show. In the jaisalmer, there are plenty of bars and all modern hotels sell alcohol. In the desert, apart from tourist hotels, you will get from government shop in desert

Drugs are totally ilegal in Jaisalmer with prison sentences for many years.

Shopping in Jaisalmer can be challenge rather than a casual pass-time.

A visit to the jaisalmer (a market consisting of hundreds of tiny shops), will possibly involve sharing a glass of masala tea with the merchants while you examine variety and quality of the craftsmanship, and haggle for a bargain. All this takes time. Enjoy, it can be a lot of fun. people are very skilled salesman if you do not want to buy something from every shop that you enter you must learn to say no. If you do not want to buy anything and are approached by a salesman just smile and say “nahi dhanyawaad” and walk on.

But if your really want to buy jaisalmer traditional art and craft visit national handloom there you can find traditional stuff.

Regulations govern guides, drivers and vehicles licensed to work with tourists in Jaisalmer. Each driver and vehicle has to be registered and carry the associated permits.

Police checkpoints regularly stop and check for the correct paperwork. Guides are licensed according to district and activity.

You will be approached by a self proclaimed guides commonly known as ‘false guides’. Most false guides are just trying to make a small tip and mean you no harm but they can be relentless and persistent in their offer to guide you. False guides are practiced and skilful and you will need to be firm in your insistence that you do not want a guide. If the harassment continues, do make an obvious attempt to seek out a policeman. You can ask at a nearby shop where you can find the police strict controls have been brought in where being hassled is illegal and the tourist police are constantly on patrol to ensure this is adhered to.

We do highly recommend that you consider hiring a licensed guide for tours in Jaisalmer. Not only will you not get continually lost, the authorised guides have considerable knowledge of the history and architecture and will ensure you get to experience the many different areas of the jaisalmer.

Most services are performed with the aim of getting a few rupee, but aggressive hustling shouldn’t be rewarded. Generally a tip of 100 to 200 rupees is suitable for porters, direction givers and photo posers. Restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee shop staff expect tips from tourists. Assuming satisfactory service, this is usually around 10% for larger checks. Most hospitality staff rely heavily on tips for their income. A tip of 10 to 20% is usual practice for drivers and guides.

Rupee (INR).

Local shops can hardly be paid by credit card. It is advisable to bring rupee in cash. International currencies  can be exchanged for rupee at banks or exchange sites and airports. They can also be easily withdrawn at ATMs. Many Shops accept international currencies. Most people expect tips, it is advisable to carry small coins for these occasions.

We recommend buying a sim card of Jio is the only that has a 4G signal in the desert.

To avoid any problem when arriving in Jaisalmer, check that your passport has an expiry date after the date of travel, at least 3 months. A paper must be filled at the entrance and exit of the Country. It is important that the PROFESSION box matches in the arrival and departure. No passport required for Indian citizen but must carry identity card.