Shiv Tara Desert Camp

Welcome to Shiv Tara Desert Camp, a desert camp located in the most hidden area of the Thar Desert of Sam Sand Dunes, in Jaisalmer.

Shiv Tara Desert Camp replicates the luxuries nomadic tents from the Marwar families. It seamlessly blends into the landscape of this Natural Area.

At the heart of the Thar Desert of Jaisalmer, the traveler is immersed in a stunning natural landscape. We are a nomadic camp equipped with 25 tents and 10 huts -traditional tents- built with organic canvas and handmade by local artisans.

Each tent has a private bathroom with hot and cold water and possibility to accommodate till five adults. Shiv Tara Desert Camp are not only exclusive tents. The camp has a dining area and a chill-out area with views over desert.

Enjoy a cosy, stylish and warm atmosphere surrounded by an authentic experience, and loyal to the traditions of the Thar region.

Shiv Tara Desert Camp is not only a camp, we organize journeys across Jaisalmer. From the hidden secrets of our culture to the most adrenaline adventures.

A camp that respects the environment

Shiv Tara Desert Camp is located in a Natural Area of Special Interest, the Thar Desert of Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer. Our philosophy is based on respect for the environment and pride in the cultural and ecological heritage of Rajasthan. Thus, we take special care of the environmental impact of our activity, focusing on sustainability criteria to minimize the ecological footprint. We claim the simplicity of local products, supporting the ecological tourism and defending the flora and fauna of the area in which we are located.

Shiv Tara Desert Camp respects the cultural and natural heritage of Rajasthan. Our Bivouac is the harmonious result of the successful integration into the desert landscape and our design minimising the environmental impact.

Shiv Tara Desert Camp becomes an oasis of peace, an experience, the perfect gathering spot with the dunes and providing the ideal backdrop for those moments of tranquillity, where wine, tea and conversation flow.

The essence and philosophy of Shiv Tara Desert Camp, our understanding of the concept of accommodation, is a tribute to that lifestyle and view of travel as a vital experience that respects local diversity and traditions. Staying at Shiv Tara Desert Camp is a journey for the senses that lets us reconnect with love for our own through the unknown, the beauty of pleasures, the unhurried pace and the essence of what we should never have ceased to be.

The first initiative that helps us address our global impact on the planet and on our community is the Zero plastic waste: By the end of 2025 we aim to generate zero plastic waste, by exchanging all the plastic with biodegradable materials and eliminating single-use plastics. With this commitment, we aim to reduce the ecological footprint while continuing to implement sustainable initiatives through waste reduction.